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Our highly efficient team of business specialists and service providers works according to proven and modern standards, solutions and methods.

Dr. Mohd' Sayeh

Dr. Sayeh serves as a consultant on Middle East commercial laws. He has provided advice for Amtek International, Xiena Corporation,  Signo Trading International of New York, U.S.A, and others.   

Dr. Sayeh obtained his law degree in 1976 from BAU, Master’s degree in Human Behavior and Organizational Development from USIU, and Doctoral degree from California University, School of Business. 

He travels regularly throughout the Middle East and has also represented American companies on issues related to high tech computer systems, irrigation systems, factories, exclusive agencies for various items.  Dr. Sayeh arbitrated cases between Arabian and American companies through their commercial attachés.

Pertti Syväri

Born in Munich in 1966, he graduated with a Diploma degree in Industrial Engineering, business administration and engineering, specializing in manufacturing systems engineering from the Technical University Kaiserslautern.
With his company, Tectra environmental and process engineering GmbH, he became a specialist of industrial cleaning equipment , industrial air filter technology, special industrial supplies, high vacuum suction and conveying technology. His main focus is project management systems for the surface engineering / cleaning technologies. Standard and specialized planning of industrial cleaning lines tailored to individual needs.finding comprehensive solutions.
Development or reorganization of national and international sales structures focusing on China, India, South America and the Middle East.